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The National Center for Culture announcing the 16th edition of the doctoral thesis competition

The National Center for Culture invites you to participate in the 16th edition of the competition for the best doctoral thesis in the field of humanities and social sciences in fields related to cultural knowledge.

In this year’s edition, you can submit doctoral theses defended in the academic years  2021/2022 and 2022/2023 in  the following disciplines:

  1. cultural and religious studies;
  2. literary studies;
  3. art sciences;
  4. ethnology;
  5. ethnography;
  6. cultural anthropology;
  7. cultural sociology;
  8. cross-cultural psychology;
  9. ethnomusicology.

A jury composed of representatives of the scientific community will evaluate the works and decide to award  three cash prizes in the amount of:

1st prize: PLN 10,000
2nd prize: PLN 6,000
3rd prize: PLN 4,000

The National Cultural Center also plans to publish the winners’ works on its own.

To submit your work to the competition, please complete the application form .

Applications are accepted until April 10,  2024 .

The Competition Committee will evaluate the works according to the following criteria:

  1. First stage of evaluation (pre-selection) of doctoral theses
  • compliance of the work with the theme of the competition;
  • way of interpreting the topic;
  • the author’s ability to use scientific cultural studies techniques.
  1. 2nd stage of substantive assessment of doctoral theses
  • accuracy of problematization, stylistic efficiency and maturity of theoretical argument;
  • novelty and originality of the approach;
  • knowledge of the achievements of the field, taking into account the Polish research tradition;
  • attractiveness for future readers (relevance of the topic).

Before sending your application, please read  the regulations .

You can find the competition page in this LINK.

The competition results will be announced by October 7, 2024. 

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