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Meet Nisa Sare: Pioneering the University Club’s Future

In an engaging conversation with Nisa Sare, the energetic president of the University Club under TURKPOL, we delve into her motivations, achievements, and vision for the future. Nisa’s journey from Istanbul to Warsaw is a testament to her commitment to fostering Turkish-Polish relations and her passion for community service.

Inspiration Behind Volunteering

Q: What inspired you to start volunteering with Rotary in Türkiye, and how has this experience shaped your approach to community service?

A: The community service-focused mission of Rotary and its impactful projects inspired me. Volunteering helped me approach community service with greater sensitivity and engagement, truly making a difference in the communities we served.

Inspiration Behind Volunteering

Q: Can you share a project you implemented with Rotary that you’re particularly proud of? What impact did it have?

A: One of our notable projects involved sending aid trucks to rural schools two years in a row, culminating in a celebration of the 23rd April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day with over 1,000 students. This project, which also received coverage in Turkish news, wasn’t just about providing aid; it was about creating meaningful connections and bridging communities.

Balancing Responsibilities

Q: Transitioning from volunteer work to a leadership role, how do you balance your passion for community service with the responsibilities of managing the family business?

A: Balancing volunteer work and leadership roles requires effective time management, flexibility, and a strong support system. Clear communication and collaboration are key to successfully managing responsibilities in both community service and the family business.

Overcoming Challenges

Q: What challenges did you face when you moved to Warsaw for your studies, and how did you overcome them?

A: The main challenges were language and cultural differences. I dedicated myself to learning Polish and adapting to the new culture, while also engaging with local communities to forge meaningful connections. This approach helped me adapt and thrive in my new environment.


Q: How did you first come into contact with TURKPOL, and what motivated you to become actively involved?

A: My introduction to TURKPOL came through the recommendation of the former Ambassador Cengiz Kamil Fırat. The organization’s mission and activities, dedicated to enhancing professional development and community service between Türkiye and Poland, immediately resonated with me.

Vision for the University Club

Q: As the president of the University Club, what are your goals, especially considering its expansion to six universities and over 250 members?

A: My goals include increasing member engagement, organizing diverse events and projects, fostering networking among members, and raising awareness about the Turkish-Polish community’s role. Developing partnerships and collaborative projects across universities is also a key objective.

Impact of TURKPOL

Q: In your view, what is TURKPOL’s most significant impact on its members, and how has being part of TURKPOL influenced your personal and professional development?

A: TURKPOL plays a crucial role in bridging Turkish and Polish communities, enhancing cultural understanding and cooperation. Being a part of TURKPOL has enriched my personal and professional development by providing opportunities to learn from different cultures and perspectives, while also honing my leadership, communication, and collaboration skills.

Looking Ahead

Q: What future projects or initiatives are you excited about bringing to the University Club?

A: I’m excited to introduce professional development seminars, guest speaker events, and interactive educational programs. Additionally, developing community service projects and campaigns that align with the interests of our members and contribute positively to society is a priority.

Advice for Aspiring Leaders

Q: Lastly, for someone looking to follow in your footsteps in volunteering, studying abroad, or taking on a leadership role, what advice would you give?

A: Pursue work in areas that genuinely excite you and embrace leadership opportunities in those fields. Be open to change, flexible in interactions with different cultures, and committed to continuous learning and personal growth. Never underestimate the power of networking and mentorship. Stay determined and put in the effort required to achieve your goals.

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